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Wayne, I cannot find words right now to describe your work! Absolutly gorgeous, utterly inspirational and takes my breath away does not even come close. I am over the moon that I accidently stumbled across your website while looking for an image of the High Country and I am highly anticipating my trip to Victoria in December to see in person some of the locations you have taken. I have passed a link to your website along to a handful of my friends and I am sure you can look forward to business from at least one or more of us. Thanks sooo much and keep up the amazing work!
Dee Burns

Inspiring work


Your work is truly inspiring. I just saw one of your recent panoramic photos of a super cell on absolutely breath-taking. It must take incredible time and patients to create a shot like that, and I admire that. I wish the best to you, and I hope I can find at least half as beautiful locations over here in the US!

Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Mario Giancini
Mario Giancini


Only spent a few minutes looking at your site, and wished i had more time. Well done Wayne - beautiful images.
Peter Caron


hi wayne lv'e only purchased one of your beautiful works, called the seldom seen lnn, which now takes pride in our dining room,it is so out there that you can actually be in it. many thanks pamela janetzki
pamela janetzki

Beautiful Pictures

I have been starring at your pictures and wondering how you get such beautiful colors. Is there lightroom work? Longer shutter speeds? I've only seen this quality from my medium format camera. If I paid you $2,000 would you come to Fredericksburg, Texas and give me a 1 day lesson? I have the best equipment money can buy but I can't match your quality.
Mark Eckhardt

Love your work

Hey mate, I found your website quite by accident, a friend of mine (who's name happens to be Wayne Bradbury) was looking into purchasing domain names and it said that this was taken, so we decided to investigate what it was currently being used for...anyways, I came across your online gallery here and I must say, I'm extremely impressed with your work...I'm finishing up my degree in Computer Programming in Canada where I live, but I've always had a very strong interest in photography (one of my other considerations following high school was photography and photo-journalism...I still would like to pursue such aspirations in my free time). Anyways, I just recently bought a new camera (Canon Powershot S5 IS), so that I can try to get a better understanding of photographic techniques, and things like I've seen in some of your work. Anyways, I just wanted to wish you congrats on the amazing work you do, and to keep it up, I know I'll be visiting back fairly frequently know that I know about your site...and also, if you have any quick pointers or tips that you could offer me as someone just starting to get into photography I'd appreciate it if you have the time, but if not I understand. I hope to hear back from you, but I know you're probably busy with numerous things going on...but like I said if you have the time or the desire to respond then that would be awesome...anyways, keep up the incredible work mate, it is very impressive and I love it! :D

your photos

Wayne congratulations,mate you have just blown me away.Accidently came across some of your photos via the Fred Miranda site.Thats what I want to achieve as a photographer,work such as yours.You could teach Christian Fletcher a thing or two[apologies to Christian]I myself have the Canon 50d with 24-105 l lens and I also have the 10-22 lens.must get myself a good prime.Also waiting on my 5d mk2 which is on order.Cant wait!Was over in Victoria last Oct./Nov.Just love that state!
I live in Perth.Again thankyou for your fine images.makes me want to get out there asap.
Regards Phil
Phil Maguire


Hi Wayne, Always been real impressed by your work. Congratulations on your win in @ the old world fair.......Brett
Brett Wright

Your work

Hi, Wayne. Congrats on stunning galleries. Love the Waterways gallery the most but the skies in the other are killing me...



PS. Thanks for all your comments on my work.

Nice work!

Hey there,

Saw your recent post on Fred Miranda and was impressed so I checked out your site. Just wanted to say you have some fantastic work. You've got the touch. If I ever make it out to Australia, perhaps we can spend an afternoon shooting together -- we both have a similar appreciation and eye for fine landscape photography.

Kory Lidstrom
Kory Lidstrom

Top site

Wayne, it is a pleasure surfing through your site. You are really one of the world's top landscape photographer.
Best Regards
Dirk Juergensen