Wayne Bradbury

Born and raised in rural New South Wales and Victoria, I developed a great appreciation for the land and it’s many moods. Photography is a relatively new discovery for me, I began taking landscape photographs about six years ago. Self taught with the aid of books, magazines and the internet, I quickly outgrew my first point and shoot digital camera and moved through ever more sophisticated digital SLRs. I soon realised that the Australian landscape lends itself particularly well to panoramic photography, so the next logical progression was a 6 x 17cm panoramic film camera, which is now my preferred tool. The discipline that comes with shooting onto large film causes you to slow down and carefully consider every shot. I will wait hours for the right lighting conditions to come along, and if they don’t, I will leave without taking a shot, preferring to return another day. When things go right it can be exhilarating and dare I say addictive. Viewing the resulting film transparencies for the first time on the lightbox is also a thrill, plus I get to spend quality time in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Apart from spending time with my wife and two young daughters, I love nothing more than throwing my tent in the back of my 4WD ute and heading out in search of that elusive magic shot.

I have won several first prizes in art and photography shows around Victoria over the past two years, have staged a couple of regional exhibitions, and have had one of my photos published on the cover of Australian Photography Magazine, shown below.

Gibson Beach cover

Three of my images were chosen for the 'Dust on the Lens' exhibition, a travelling exhibition of Mallee weather photography put on by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Dust on the Lens images
Dust on the Lens images